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Videos: Pizza Cravings, Sleep Length, and Body Intuition

Intertwined with our daily sleep rhythms are our diets, habits, and the choices we make. Let’s embark on a journey exploring cravings, sleep myths, and the beauty of intuition.

These 60-seconds videos may change the way you view your routines and habits.

You can begin the journey here: New Video Series: Sleeping, Dreaming, Diet, and Energy Levels

04. Craving for Pizza!

There’s something comforting about the smell of a pizza, isn’t there? I have mostly overcome my food cravings, but some food images keep appearing at times. Yet, I found that it is okay to stray from our health paths sometimes, and that this can even be healthy on an emotional level.

That day, as I laughed at my own unplanned dietary detour, I also felt the liberty in releasing strict routines. Interestingly, I slept much longer that night, as my body had more digesting work to do.

05. How Much Sleep Do We Really Need? Debunking the 8-Hour Myth

So, we’ve all heard it. “Get your 8 hours of sleep.” But here’s a revelation: That’s not necessarily right. I only sleep 4-6 hours right now and have more energy than before.

Our “modern” lifestyles, filled with stress and technology, sometimes distract us from truly understanding our own rhythms. Moreover, what we eat plays a pivotal role. The less we eat, the less our body spends energy digesting, leading to lesser sleep and more vitality. Challenge the norms: Listen inside, feel your body’s pulse, and create your own rhythm.

06. Sleep & Diet Advice: Follow Your Body!

Welcome to the age where every question has a million answers. When it comes to sleep and diet, advice is aplenty. Kale today, Keto tomorrow. 8 hours of sleep or 4? In this sea of suggestions, it’s easy to lose oneself. But here’s my mantra: Trust your body intuition. Every individual is a unique cocktail of needs, rhythms, and reactions, especially at varied life stages.

So, before you jump onto any bandwagon, pause. Listen to your intuition, your heart’s soft whispers. There’s wisdom in your body’s signals. Remember, it’s not about blind adoption but understanding and making choices that resonate with your true self.

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