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Rediscovering Intermittent Sleeping

Have you ever woken up at 3 a.m., stared at the ceiling, and wondered why your body decided it was time to pause your beauty sleep? Well, here’s a fun fact: our ancestors regularly woke up at odd hours. And it wasn’t a bug; it was a feature!

I stumbled upon a fascinating read my mother recommended. It revealed that our forefathers practiced what’s now being termed as ‘intermittent sleeping’.

Picture this: you sleep for a few hours post-dinner, then, you’d wake up to pen down your thoughts, do some creative work, or even chat with someone about your dreams, insights, or whatever comes up. After an hour or two, you drift back into dreamland.

Sounds intriguing, right? But why did we deviate from this? Blame our bustling cities and ever-bright screens. With the rise of artificial lighting, our deep-rooted sleep habits transformed, pushing us towards the 8-hour monolithic sleep we know today.

My Experiment with Intermittent Sleeping

Armed with this newfound knowledge, I decided to lean into those nocturnal wake-ups, using that time productively. I wrote, brainstormed ideas for projects, or sometimes just enjoyed the serenity of a silent night. And the results? A notable surge in creativity and productivity.

The Science Behind It

This isn’t just a quirky habit of yesteryears. Recent studies suggest that there might be solid health and cognitive perks to this sleep routine. Waking up during the night could mean more cycles of REM sleep – the phase where we dream and our brain processes emotions.

And guess what? This might be the secret recipe for a sharper mind and better emotional well-being.

The Night’s Allure

Midnight isn’t just for partying or Netflix binge sessions. The stillness offers an undisturbed sanctuary for reflection and creativity. Many artists, writers, and even entrepreneurs vouch for the magic that the quiet of the night brings.

Between our two sleep phases, our brain hovers in a transitional state, blending the lines between dreaming and wakefulness. This is prime time for groundbreaking ideas and eureka moments!

Integrating into Modern Hustle

But here’s the catch – how does one fit this ancient routine into our fast-paced, deadline-driven life? It’s about balance.

Consider adjusting your bedtime to ensure you still get the rest you need. Those midnight hours could become your secret productivity or self-care hack. And for the skeptics – before dismissing it, maybe give it a try on a weekend?

Let’s face it, in our age of side hustles, passion projects, and the ever-elusive work-life balance, every hour counts. And if you, like many of us, occasionally find yourself wide awake in the wee hours, why not embrace it?

Dive into the forgotten rhythm of intermittent sleeping, and you might just find a more energized, creative, and balanced version of yourself.

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