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New Video Series: Sleeping, Dreaming, Diet, and Energy Levels

Let’s be honest: We all love our beds, right? And it’s not just about the comfort or the escape from our often-too-busy lives. Sleep is a lot more than just a good night’s rest. It’s a self-care ritual, and one of the main foundations of our well-being.

Let’s dive into the beginning of a journey around sleep health and sleeping problems, elevating energy levels, mindful eating and fasting.

These 60-seconds videos may change the way you view your routines and habits.

01. The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is an important base of our health, a sacred time where our body silently works its magic. By night, it repairs and heals, prepping us for the challenge of the day. And it’s not just physical. Mentally, it sharpens our cognition, helping us make better decisions, and emotionally, it keeps our moods in check, fostering happiness.

And guess what? If you’re here, struggling with insomnia or other sleep disorders, you’re not alone. But there’s hope. Over this series, we’re diving deep into tips, habits, and secrets to enhance your sleep quality.

02. Sleeping Less (My Personal Journey)

After a nine-day initiation retreat, I began sleeping less. From a solid 8.5-hour sleep cycle, I naturally cut it down to just 3-6 hours. And mind you, I’m not walking around like a zombie. In fact, my energy levels are much higher than before.

Nope, coffee isn’t my secret. Actually, I quit that addictive brew a long time ago. The only caffeine I might indulge in is from half a piece of 100% cacao chocolate. So, what changed?

I’ve reinvented my sleep routine. Stay tuned as I spill the beans on this personal journey in the upcoming videos.

03. Dreamtime (REM) and Deep Sleep

This video explores the fascinating realm of dreamtime. While deep sleep is the body’s way of rejuvenating physically, dreamtime transports us to the mysterious world of REM sleep.

Dreams are more than just random sequences; they can be a form of emotional and mental detox. Our brain processes feelings, memories, and daily challenges, helping us wake up refreshed, with a clearer mind. Think of it as your brain’s way of taking out the trash, reducing stress, and making room for new experiences.

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