Next online training
starts soon!
Next online training
starts soon!

Imagine someone cares for you

while guiding you into blissful sleep,

weaving the dream images you love…

Find Sleep in the Presence of a Caring Human

Discover serene sleep with the online presence of a compassionate companion. A Dreamweaver Angel can guide you into a realm of tranquil dreams in a voice or video call.

Ask for bedtime stories, gentle and comforting ASMR whispers, soothing light language songs, or simply share your day, while your Dreamweaver Angel empathically listens to your thoughts and worries – helping you to relax and let go.

Begin a wonderful journey into a restful night with dream-filled sleep. Embrace warmth, comfort, and loving human connection as you drift off.

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Become a Certified Dreamweaver Angel

Are you a loving and caring soul who wishes to become a certified Dreamweaver Angel, guiding others in finding better sleep? Join the 4-week live online training with theory, practicum, and sharing circles for support.


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